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Welcome to the home of Image Arcadia, the web's most advanced Multimedia Management System. Image Arcadia used to be a commercial product. It has recently been released as open source.

Image Arcadia makes creating and maintaining multimedia websites as easy as 'point-and-click'.  Arcadia is an application that resides on your web site's server and creates HTML for displaying anything from images to movies and even zip files.  If you can store it on your server, Arcadia can manage it.

Here is a typical situation.  You have an assortment of photos of your family and friends and there is even a few movies you have of special occasions.  You have a small website and and you have created a few HTML pages to display these photos and movie clips.  Normally you would have used a graphic application to create thumbnails or smaller images of the photos and movies so that people can pick and choose what photos they wish to view.  All in all, it took you a few hours to create the HTML and images for this small collection of media.  What a pain, right?  Well, here's where Arcadia comes into play.  If you have this application running on your server, instead of taking you a few hours to add those photos, you could do it in a few minutes by opening up Image Arcadia's administration area, clicking on 'Upload Media', selecting the files, and pressing OK.  Presto, your family photo gallery is instantly updated in real time.

That was just one small example, however, Arcadia is not limited to just images and movies and family photo galleries.  What if you run a website that maintains a collection of executables or zip files?  No problem, Arcadia will handle those as well.  In fact, Image Arcadia can work with any file that is stored on your hard drive.

Peaked your curiosity yet?  Good.  Take a look around the website and find out what else Image Arcadia can do for you.  The possibilities are endless.

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